Goodbye Mikey

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It is still hard to believe but true; Michael Jackson is no more alive. Mortality consumed the legendary singer and the cardiac arrest was an unfortunate excuse.

The fact has not sunk in yet. He left a “can not be filled” void. Controversies aside, this is to the person, who made us smile and scream in a voice louder than we could. [When I was composing it I was singing it to the tune of- “I remember the time I had my first smoke”, an anti smoking campaign song, sung by Gary lawyer if you remember]

1. I “remember the time”,
When a “rockin’ robin” from Indiana
With a child’s heart”, “shoo-be-doo-be-doo-da-day” my way
With that “Smile”, a “2000 watts” smile
That was the beginning of “A brand new day”.

“You are not alone”, he “screamed” in “melody”
He said-“Pretty young thing”, “my girl”, my beautiful girl
You’ve got a friend” in me
Give in to me” “just a little bit of you
Come together” and let us “fly away
Keep faith” for “we wanna be starting something

When things go “bad”, “you have got a friend
So “call on me” and “I’ll be there”.
You can cry on my shoulder” or “be a lion
For whatever it is, “don’t let it get you down
“Don’t stop till you get enough”
“Give one more chance”, “get on the floor”, and dance

It was a “break of a dawn” and I was “up again”.
For “someone in dark” never felt so “happy” again
I can’t help it” and spread the “wings of my love
Here I am” and “I want to rock with you

Black or white”, “Music and me” were never the same
On the line”; “off the wall”, “He is the wizard”, I must say

Mind is the magic”; “working day & night
From “Ben” to “Billy” and the “Ghosts” “In the closet” to
Bad” and “dangerous” made a “History
So “Invincible”, such a “Thriller

Dear Michael”, “I just can’t stop loving you
Euphoria” is “The way you make me feel
You really got a hold on me”; “We’ve a good thing going

2.Tell me I am not dreaming” for “There is a blood on dance floor
The “Man in the mirror”, the “stranger from Moscow
The Dancing machine”, “All things you are
Love is here”; “Why” have you “Gone too soon”

Don’t walk away”, “I need you
Heaven can wait”, “Cinderella stay a while
Let sing a new “Earth song”; let us write “The greatest show on earth
Once again, “Heal the world” and “touch the one you love

3.This time around” when you have gone
Ain’t no sunshine”, ain’t no “Morning glow
Little Susie” “cry” and “Maria” is “Speechless
Lonely teardrops” and “there is blood on dance floor

Farewell my summer love” though I can “never say goodbye
But “You can’t win”, what the destiny decides

It’s too late to change the time”, too late to “beat it
For time is a “smooth criminal
For it is “human nature” which slowly forgets the dead
For “they really don’t care about us” even when we are alive
songs will come; new names will emerge
Tabloid Junkie” will find new “Carousel
And new “butterflies”…

However, I still “cry”, for it is so difficult to say goodbye.

“Give one more chance”, “Burn this disco out”
“Get on the floor”, and dance

“Don’t stop till you get enough”
“Give one more chance”, “get on the floor”, and dance

PS: All text under ” are the name of various song/track of MJ


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