Grape surprise

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Fruits contain fruit sugar or ‘fructose’ which does not raise blood sugar levels unlike other form of sugar like table sugar, glucose, honey etc. Any form of added sugar in fruit juices or fruit milkshakes can increase your blood sugar levels; so it is better to always buy fully-ripe and sweet fruits to avoid adding any sugar or sugar substitute. Besides this, grapes are also rich in antioxidants, cancer-fighting flavonoids and vitamin C.

Preparation Time: A few minutes. Cooking time : Nil. Makes 4 glasses.

½ cup fresh black grapes juice
¾ cup finely chopped apples
1 cup finely chopped orange segments
4 tsp sugar substitute
2 tsp lemon juice
2 bottles soda

1.Combine the grape juice, apples, oranges, sugar substitute and lemon juice in a mixer and blend till smooth.
2.Divide the mixture equally into 4 individual glasses.
3.Pour ½ bottle of soda over it in each glass.
Serve immediately.

Nutritive values per glass
Energy: 85 calories
Protein: 0.7 gm
Carbohydrates: 19.6 gm
Fat: 0.4 gm
Vitamin C: 15.0 mg
Fibre: 2.4 gm


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