Healthy cooking for diabetics

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A healthy balanced diet isn’t just about eating the right kind of food. The way that you buy, store, prepare and cook your food, and even the pots, pans and equipment you use, all have a significant impact on the nutritional value of your meals. The aim should be to limit the consumption of oil-laden foods and to incorporate plenty of vegetables, fruits, cereals and pulses in our regular diet.

To limit the consumption of fats in your regular diet, here are some handy tips.

Use non-stick cookware as they require less oil to cook food.

Bake, steam or saute instead of shallow frying or deep frying foods.

Use a pressure cooker to cook vegetables s pressure cooking requires less oil. This method also helps one to conserve the nutrients that are volatile, as the closed lid prevents the loss of nutrients.

Avoid the use of nuts like coconut, cashewnuts etc. Replace the gravies made with cashewnuts or khus khus paste with a vegetable puree like cauliflower or pumpkin puree. Use tomato gravy, as in the recipe of Stuffed Karelas in Makhani Gravy or use pumpkin to thicken a vegetable dish, as in the recipe of Gavar Pumpkin Vegetable

Choose skim milk and its products in place of whole milk. Skim milk provides all the goodness of milk except the fat. Try and use cottage cheese (paneer) made at home using skim milk instead of buying it from the market. Preparing skim milk at home does not demand much effort from your side. Believe me, it is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is boil the milk and skim the fat layer (malai) that is formed after it has cooled. Repeat this procedure at least twice or three times to get almost fat free milk. An easier way to make skim milk is to mix skim milk powder with water to make milk, curds, low fat paneer etc.

Avoid salads with oil-based dressings like mayonnaise. Make innovative low fat dressings made with low fat curds as in the recipe of Lemony Yoghurt Salad on or an oil free soya sauce and lemon dressing as in the recipe of Cucumber Salad

Be aware of hidden fats present in foods like peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts or cashewnuts, cakes, sweet savouries, cream biscuits, chocolates, popcorn made with butter or oil. Very often, we binge on these calorie-laden foods believing them to be not so fatty as they are not as visible like in fried foods.


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