Home remedies for diabetics

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“Nature cure is the best ” is what all of us believe. Yes, nature has blessed us with some dietary adjuncts to control diabetes too. Listed below are a few of them.



Frequency to consume


Bitter gourd (Karela) Juice with seeds or cooked vegetable. Should be consumed daily on empty stomach or in between meals. The high insulin dose of this plant helps to reduce blood and urinary sugar levels.
Amla A tablespoon of amla juice with a cup of karela juice is helpful. Daily. Try at least for 2 months for effective results. This mixture helps to reduce the blood sugar in diabetics because of its low glycemic index.
Fenugreek (methi) Fenugreek leaves and seeds. In case of seeds soak one teaspoon of seeds overnight. Half a cup of leaves should be consumed daily. Alternatively one teaspoon of seeds twice a day with milk are also helpful. This is considered to be an effective supportive therapy for the management of diabetes.
Spirulina Leaves or dried powder Half a cup of leaves should be consumed daily. As these leaves are not easily available, half teaspoon of dried powder can be taken every day. The soluble fibre in it stabilizes the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
Neem and Basil leaves Leaves or dried powder A few neem and basil leaves everyday. In case you can’t find fresh leaves half teaspoon of dried powder can be taken every day. Lowers blood sugar levels.
Onion Raw Daily Has diuretic and digestive property and also helps to maintain blood sugar levels.
Garlic Fresh (crushed) Daily Helps to control blood sugar levels
Black Jamun Fruit or seed powder. An equal quantity of jamun powder, amla powder and karela powder is useful. Consume 3 to 4 pieces of jamun fruits or a teaspoonful of mixture once or twice a day. Contains jamboline which helps to control the blood sugar levels.
Soyabean Whole beans or sprouts or soya milk or soya flour. Half cup of beans or a quarter cup of sprouts or half cup of flour. Rich in choline which is effective in controlling diabetes and also helps in preventing neurological complications of diabetes.
Chana Dal Whole or extract of sprouted dal Half a cup daily Utilizes glucose in the body and reduces the intake of insulin.
Low fat curds and buttermilk One to two cups daily Lactic acid present in these fermented products stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin and hence helps to control blood sugar levels.

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