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What’s Anorexia?
Anorexia is loss of appetite i.e. lack of interest in eating.
What causes Anorexia?
1. Emotional stress or depression
2. Medication
3. Sickness
4. Inactive lifestyle
These natural remedies are sure to help you perk up your appetite.

1. Mint (phudina): 1 to 2 tablespoons of mint juice daily in the morning helps to whet your appetite.
2. Apple: The old saying “An apple a day, keeps a doctor away” stays true for anorexic individuals as apples aid in digestion and also boost your appetite.
3. Ajwain (carom seeds): Swallowing 1 teaspoon of ajwain with or without water 3 to 4 times a day is another remedy to enhance your appetite.
4. Asafoetida (hing): Two pinches of asafoetida mixed in 2 teaspoons of ghee when taken before meals also helps to overcome anorexia.
5. Pineapple: Having a few pieces of pineapple sprinkled with salt and black pepper helps to restore a lost appetite, especially for kids.
6. Lemon: Equal quantities of lemon and ginger juice should be consumed every day before meals to decrease anorexia. Alternatively Appetizing Drink is also a good remedy to perk up your appetite.
Foods to be Avoided
Tea and coffee
Refined foods like refined flour, pasta, sugar and Ready-to-eat foods like wafers, popcorn etc.
Practical Tips for Enhancing Appetite
1. Eat in a relaxed and calm environment and make it a pleasurable experience and not a “task” that has to be completed. Never skip your breakfast and snack.
2. Have frequent and small snacks that are healthy and are high in protein and calories. Try a filling shake or a glass of fruit juice like the Fruit Cocktail, if you don’t feel like eating much.
3. Have variety in terms of colour and texture of food to be served. Present foods in a child-like fun way. Make sandwiches into interesting shapes or decorate fruits, breads and vegetables with interesting toppings.
4. Avoid drinking liquids at meal times as they can give a feeling of fullness causing you to eat less.
5. Have a walk before meals if possible. Fresh air often helps to perk up our appetites, as does a little activity.

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