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What is Diarrhoea?
Diarrhoea is referred to as frequent passage of watery stools which leads to the depletion of fluids and salts (sodium and potassium) that are responsible for maintaining the fluid balance in our body.
What causes Diarrhoea?
1. Food poisoning
2. Allergy to certain foods
3. Over eating
4. Over use of laxatives
1. Salt and sugar: The best way to replenish the lost fluids is to mix a teaspoon each of salt and sugar in a cup of water and sip it as many times as you can.
2. Fenugreek (methi) seeds: One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds should be swallowed (without chewing) with a cup of curd, buttermilk or water for immediate relief.
3. Mint (phudina): One teaspoon of mint leaves mixed with a teaspoon each of lime juice and honey should be given thrice daily for excellent results. See the recipe of Lemon Phudina Pani
4. Apples: A cooked or a baked apple taken everyday is a good medicine for diarrhoea because it contains fibre. Try the Apple Punch early in the morning daily and see the result yourself.
5. Garlic (lehsun): Garlic is yet another natural remedy that fights diarrhoea and helps rout parasites. It is a powerful and effective antibiotic and aids digestion too.
Foods to be Avoided
Spicy and oily foods
Confectionery, mithai and chocolates
Fermented foods like dhokla, bread, idlis, dosas, cheese etc.
Uncooked fruits and vegetables
Healthy Diet during Diarrhoea
1. Consume small and light meals frequently instead of 3 big meals a day to replenish lost nutrients.
2. Have plenty of fluids like lemon juice, fruit juices, vegetable soups (of carrot, spinach etc.), watery dals (of barley, moong dal etc.), lassi, coconut water etc. to make up for the loss of fluids. Rice Porridge is also an excellent alternative to restore the fluid levels.
3. Have fruits like banana and apple as they are rich in potassium as it helps to maintain the fluid balance in our body.
4. Try to restrict the consumption of milk and other dairy products in the beginning, as these are difficult to digest. If you must, curds is the best choice of all dairy products to digest.
Tips to Avoid Diarrhoea
1. Always wash your hands twice with soap before eating anything and dry your hands with a clean towel as wet hands carry a significant risk of infection.
2. Eat only fresh foods that have been well cooked. Raw foods like salads can irritate your system.
3. Avoid local drinking water in places where there is a high risk. Have packaged water instead.
4. Avoid consuming foods from food stalls on the street, though they may seem exciting, because they are unhygienic.
5. Avoid consuming chilled drinks. This does not cause infection but may lead to stomach cramps.

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