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What’s Fatigue?
Fatigue is defined as a feeling of tiredness, due to exertion that can be both mental and physical. Fatigue is not just the feeling of exhaustion one feels after doing something strenuous, but it is when one is tired all the time and cannot seem to recover, which evacuation is difficult and infrequent.
What causes Fatigue?

Fatigue does not always seem to have an obvious cause, but the most common reasons are:

1. Stress or excessive physical activity.
2. A complete lack of activity can also lead to fatigue, that is a by-product of boredom and depression.
3. Certain medical conditions like low blood sugar levels, anaemia or damage to liver, heart or kidney can also cause fatigue.
4. Deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium and vitamin D can also be another cause for fatigue.
The following foods are sure to de-stress you and chase all the fatigue away.

1. Fruits and Vegetables: Have plenty of fruits and vegetables as they provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep us going. Vitamins and minerals boost our bodies with positive energy and keep us feeling light, yet full.
2. Protein rich foods: Consume protein rich foods like dairy products, dals, pulses and cereals to strengthen the muscles. Having ¼ cup of sprouts every morning helps to reduce the fatigue in the latter part of the day. Try my recipe of Bean Sprouts Salad.
3. Banana: Two ripe bananas taken everyday after meals help to prevent fatigue as it provides you instant energy for the body to work. Date Honey Banana Shake is a delicious remedy to overcome fatigue.
4. Dates (khajur): Two or three dates boiled in milk for 8 to 10 minutes helps to eliminate fatigue.
5. Almonds (badam): A drink made with a mixture of almonds, figs and warm milk helps to relieve fatigue instantly.
Foods to be Avoided
Tea and coffee
Deep fried foods
Refined foods like maida, pasta, sugar and polished rice
Canned and preserved foods
Fast foods like pizzas, burgers etc.
Handy Tips to Avoid and Overcome Fatigue
1. Indulge in any activity you enjoy. Listen to music, go for a walk or cook as it will keep our mind and body fresh and alert.
2. Do not exert yourself more than you can handle. If you are tired of a particular activity, take a break and then go back to it.
3. Never miss your breakfast. It provides you the needed energy and keeps you going throughout the day.
4. Listen to your hunger pangs. Do not starve. Have a small snack in between meals, even if it’s a piece of fruit or toast, to keep you going till the next meal. Try Magaz, for one of the small meal of the day.
5. Consume protein rich foods more frequently. For example, sprouts, dals and dairy products in any form. Bean Sprouts Salad is a very simple way to disguise sprouts for those are not very fond or raw sprouts.
6. Drink plenty of water.
7. Include plenty of fruits in your daily diet as they contain a fructose, a fruit sugar, which acts as an instant pick me up.

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