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What’s Fever?
Fever is a rise in the body temperature above normal levels i.e. above 36.9°C or 98.4°F. It can present itself with various ailments like viral infections, allergy, other diseases like jaundice, chicken pox, malaria etc. The cause of fever is sometimes difficult to trace too.
The remedies mentioned below are ones that can be put to use only when the fever is a result of a viral infection, exhaustion or because of some other ailments like chicken pox malaria etc.

1. Tulsi (Indian basil): A mixture made by grinding few tulsi leaves, ¼ teaspoon of sunflower seeds (surya mukhi ke beej) and 1 teaspoon of honey helps to overcome fever.
2. Mint (phudina) and Ginger (adrak): Any type of fever can be cured quickly by drinking the mint and ginger concoction. See recipe of Fresh Herbal Cup.
3. Turmeric powder (haldi): Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder mixed in a cup of hot milk has been proven to be excellent for fever. Drink this milk twice a day.
4. Sandalwood: Applying sandalwood mixture on the forehead also helps to reduce the body temperature.
Foods to be Avoided
Chilled beverages and ice-creams
Deep fried foods
Confectionery and mithai
Tips to Hasten the Recovery from Fever
1. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as they abound in vitamins A, B complex, C, E and zinc and iron – all these strengthen the immune system. Sources of these vitamins include green leafy vegetables (cabbage, spinach, broccoli), sprouts and red and yellow fruits and vegetables (oranges, tomatoes, carrots etc.).
2. Drink of plenty of fluids (water, soups and juices) as it helps to replenish the fluids lost during infection. You can also try the Spicy Masala Tea to make up for your body fluids and to chase the cough and cold usually accompanied by fever.
3. Eat freshly cooked meals instead of refrigerated foods.
4. Avoid foods that put a strain on your body’s metabolism like oily foods.
5. Avoid smoking as it aggravates the throat and interferes with the infection-fighting activity of the cells.
6. Take plenty of rest, as it gives your body a better chance to fight the virus.

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