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What is a Stomachache?
Stomachache is the abdominal discomfort caused due to pain in the stomach or abdomen.
Reasons for Stomachache
Stomachache is the abdominal discomfort caused due to pain in the stomach or abdomen.

The number of remedies for this ailment are as many as the number of reasons that can lead to stomachache.
Here are some remedies that are tried and tested over generations.

1. Ginger (adrak): Mix 2 teaspoons of ginger juice with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of salt and black pepper and drink it with or without water.
2. Ajwain (carom seeds): One teaspoon of ajwain combined with 2 pinches of salt should be chewed and swallowed for quick relief from flatulence
3. Mint (phudina): The juice of mint combined with honey is one of the age-old remedies for stomachache. Refer to the recipe of Lemon Phudina Pani, for instant relief.
4. Ginger powder (soonth) and jaggery (gur): The tummy Reliever, is soothing for your stomach and also in cold weather to keep your spirits warm. Mountaineers carry this magic portion to keep their strengths up in the harsh mountain terrain.
Foods to be Avoided
Spicy and oily foods
Deep fried foods
Aerated drinks
Fast foods like pizza, burger etc.
Refined foods like maida, sugar, pasta and polished rice
Canned and preserved foods
Handy Easy Tips for a Stomachache
1. Try to serve foods at room temperature or lukewarm as too hot food may cause irritation
2. Have small and frequent freshly cooked meals throughout the day as it aids in digestion.
3. Eat easily digestible foods. Consume foods that are liquid or semi-liquid in consistency.
4. Have plenty of fibre as it initiates regular bowel movements. Fibre rich foods include fruits, vegetables and whole grains like whole wheat, wheat bran, oats, buckwheat etc.
5. Restrict the consumption of fat to minimal as fats take a long time to digest.virus.
6. Chew the food slowly and eat in a relaxed environment, as sometimes tensions tend to upset our tummy.
7. Avoid eating in unhygienic environments on roadside.

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