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At home, you may use any good quality Italian spaghetti; however, to offer our guests something more special, we make our own square spaghetti using a tool called “Chitarra”as it looks like a guitar. For homemade pasta dough, use six whole eggs, mix them with 900gms maida and 100gms of atta and a pinch of salt. Basically, it is like making roti, just a little larger and slightly thicker. Use sujito avoid the dough sheet sticking to the table. If you roll it in four or five folds, you may use a sharp knife. Let it dry in a cool room after sprinkling sujior deep freeze for a full day. INGREDIENTS FOR DRESSING I Olive oil: 3 spoons I Garlic pods: 3 pods I Slice fresh button mushrooms I Dry shitake mushrooms I Dry Chinese or Thai mushrooms I Dry oyster mushrooms I Dry chilli flakes I Black pepper.
METHOD I Soak dry mushrooms in lukewarm water for at least ½ hour. Slice grossly. I For shitake, add the whole dry mushrooms to a boiling water pan and keep simmering for ½ hour, then let it rest in the hot water for another ½ hour. Slice.I Add three spoons of olive oil in a non-stick pan at medium flame; add three garlic pods with their skin.I Add the fresh mushroom slices. I Also add the soaked mushroom slices after squeezing their excess water, and toss for five minutes, add one teaspoon of chilli flakes for two servings. I Remove the garlic pods and add some salt and grossly chopped parsley. I Blanch the spaghetti in abundant (1 litre for every 100gms) boiling water. No need of adding any oil, if you use enough boiling water. After adding the spaghetti to the water, wait for the boil to start again and then add 10gms of salt per litre of water. I Strain but reserve a bowl of water in case after mixing the dressing, the spaghetti is too stuck.I Mix immediately with the m u s h r o o m preparation and sprinkle with fresh parsley and grinded black pepper. Bon appetito!


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