Spicy grilled chicken with salad

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Chicken: 250 gm, Amul cheese: 40 gm, Broccoli: 10 gm, Babycorn: 20 gm, Mixed olives: 20 gm, Olive oil: 50 ml, Garlic: 10 gm, Seasoning as per taste. SAUCE I Roast chicken jus: 40 ml, Butter: 10 gm, Sweet chilli: 10 ml, Salt to taste. SALAD I Iceburg lettuce: 10 gm, Lolo Rosso: 5 gm, Olive oil: 10 ml, Rocket leaves: 5 gm, Lemon juice: 5 ml, Grapes: 10 gm, Olives: 10 gm, Seasoning to taste. FOR CHICKEN JUS I Chicken bones: ½ kg, Chicken trimming: 200 gm, Leeks: 10 gm, Celery: 10 gm, Onion: 10 gm, Garlic: 5 gm, Bay leaf: 1 pc, Butter and flour: 20 gm each. METHOD FOR CHICKEN JUS I Roast the chicken bones with oil and garlic, add vegetables and cook. Add three times more water, cook for three hours. Strain. Add butter and flour in equal quantity. Cook till done.
METHOD FOR SPICY GRILLED CHICKEN WITH SALAD I Take the chicken breast, slit it from one side, start stuffing cheese and olive and close it. l Marinate the chicken breast with olive oil, salt and pepper, chili flakes and garlic, keep aside. l Cook the chicken breast on the grill or pan for sometime and then in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes at 150 to 180 degree Celsius. l Meanwhile, make the salad. Wash the lettuce, dry it and break into pieces. Add olive oil, lemon juice, grapes and seasoning. l Sauté vegetables (babycorn and broccoli) in olive oil and garlic, then add seasoning. l Finally, take out the cooked chicken, place it on the bed of sautéd vegetables. Put the salad on the side and drizzle the chicken jus on top. l It’s ready to serve.


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