Tropical fruit ghevar

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235 ml: Vanaspati Ghee
1 kg: Ice cubes
2 kg: Maida
1 litre: Amul Milk
3 litres: Water (room temperature)
2 large cans: Fortune Refined Oil
3 tbsp: Honey
500 ml: Red Wine
2 boxes: Fresh Figs
500 gm: Custard cream
1 kg: Whipped cream
2 nos. Muskmelons
100 ml: Liquid Glucose
250 gm: Amul Dark Cooking Chocolate (chopped)
2 boxes: Strawberries
1 bunch: Fennel leaves


1. Spoon vanaspati into a paraat, place on gas and melt it.

2. Remove from flame and add 5-6 ice cubes and start creaming the mixture with the palm of your hand. Gradually use all the ice in creaming till the mixture becomes a soft ball.

3. Now Sieve in maida, and gradually add milk and water alternatively. Keep whisking the mixture till a batter of pouring consistency is achieved.

4. Heat 1 can of oil in a jalebi kadhai (on a high pressure burner).

5. When oil is hot, place the largest ring mould in the centre of the kadhai and pour the batter in a thin even stream in the centre of the mould. The batter will spread to the edges and the oil will foam.

6. Once the foam subsides, pour a second batch of batter over the first one. Control the temperature of the oil by adjusting flame at regular intervals.

7. Once the ghevar sets, gently remove the ring mould and check the colour and texture. It should be golden brown and firm.

8. If done, remove the ghevar slowly and carefully using the large perforated spoon. Drain on brown paper and keep aside to cool.

9. Repeat the process with medium and small ring moulds.

10. While ghevars are cooling, combine honey and red wine in a frying pan, heat and reduce till slightly thick. Cut figs into quarters lengthwise and lightly stew in the wine. Remove, drain and keep aside. Reserve the poaching liquid and refrigerate to chill

11. Mix custard cream with 1 cup whipped cream and keep aside.

12. Scoop melon balls using scooper and keep aside.

13. Heat liquid glucose with 2 tbsp water and mix to form a glaze, keep it aside .

14. Melt the chocolate using a double boiler. Dip half the strawberries in the chocolate and leave aside to set. Break off tiny sprigs of fennel and keep aside.

15. When ghevars have cooled, carefully place each one on it’s corresponding cake stand base.

16. Using the bamboo skewer, gently and carefully score out a hole in the centre of each ghevar.

17. Fill whipped cream into a piping bag and pipe out all over the largest ghevar. Arrange poached figs over it and drizzle each piece with some chilled poaching liquid.

18. Fill custard-whipped cream mixture into a piping bag and pipe out all over the medium ghevar. Arrange melon balls on it. Brush each melon ball with prepared glaze.

19. Pipe out whipped cream over the smallest ghevar and alternately placed chocolate-covered and plain strawberries. Brush plain strawberries with glaze.

20. Garnish each ghevar with fennel sprigs.

21. Screw on medium base to the largest base and top with smallest base. Tropical Fruit Ghevar is ready to serve.


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