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For stuffing
2 packets: Golgappa Puris
4 nos. Medium-sized Potatoes (peeled, boiled and mashed)
¾ cup: Chickpeas (boiled and coarsely crushed)
to taste: Black salt
to taste: Red Chilli powder
3 tbsp: Coriander leaves (finely chopped)

For the flavoured paani
Apple and Tea
1 nos. BlackTea bag
2 tbsp: Lemon juice
250 ml: Apple juice 
7-8 nos. Mint leaves (finely chopped)
1tsp: Sugar

Tomato and celery

250 ml: Tomato juice
1 tsp: Tabasco sauce
To taste: Salt
To taste: Black Pepper powder
2 tbsp: Lemon juice
1 tsp: Celery (finely chopped)
1 tsp: Coriander

Guava and mint
250 ml: Guava juice
To taste: Black salt
To taste: Black Pepper powder
1 tsp: Cumin seeds powder

Orange and dill
250 ml: Orange juice
1½ tbsp: Dill (finely chopped)
To taste: Black salt
To taste: Black Pepper powder
1tbsp: Lemon Juice

Mint Chutney
1 bunch: Mint leave
To taste: Salt
To taste: Black salt


1. For stuffing, combine mashed potatoes with chickpeas, black salt, red chilli powder and coriander leaves and mint leaves. Keep aside.
2. For Apple and Tea paani, bring 1 cup water to a boil, add tea bag and simmer for 1 minute. Remove the tea bag and cool the water. Mix in lemon juice, apple juice and mint leaves and refrigerate to chill.
3. For Tomato and Celery paani, mix all ingredients thoroughly and refrigerate to chill.
4. For Guava and Mint paani, combine guava juice, lemon juice, mint leaves and black salt. Lightly roast cumin seeds and grind to a powder using mortar pestle. Mix into the guava juice and refrigerate till chilled.
5. For Orange and Dill paani, combine orange juice, lemon juice, chopped dill and black salt and refrigerate till chilled.
6. To serve, break a hole in the golgappa puris and stuff with 1 tbsp of spiced potato filling. Dip into any of the prepared flavoured paanis and serve immediately.


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