Mutton kebab

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I Lamb mince: 200 gms I Ginger garlic paste: 10 gms I Split gram powder: 20 gms I Garam masala: 2 gms I Cardamom powder: 1 gm I Mace powder: 1 gm I Salt: 4 gms I Fresh coriander: 20 gms I Fresh green chillies: 1 I Oil (for shallow frying): 100 ml I Rawa flour: 50 gms I Egg: 1
I Heat 20 ml of oil in a pan and add ginger-garlic paste. I Add slit deseeded green chillies and stir. I When ginger garlic paste becomes slightly brown and starts leaving aroma, add lamb mince and salt. I Continue cooking till the time most of the water is evaporated. I Add split gram flour and continue cooking till the time flour is cooked. I Add cardamom powder, mace powder, garam masala and cook for a while. I Let this mixture cool and then put it in a blender along with fresh coriander and make fine paste out of it. I Make patties of this mixture of about 50 gms each. I Break the egg and beat it. I Coat the patties with the beaten egg and dust them in rawa flour. I Shallow fry the patties in the remaining oil till they are golden brown. I Serve hot with mint chutney.

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Taash kebab

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I Lamb (boneless): 500 gm I Garam masala: ¼ tsp I Red chilli: 3 I Garlic paste: 2 tsp I Onion paste: 1 I Eggs: 2 I White cumin: 2 tsp I Salt: to taste I Olive oil: 2 tbsp
I Boil lamb with red chilli and salt in adequate moisture on low flame. I Continue till moisture evaporates and mince the lamb, keep aside. I Separate the egg whites and yellow and whisk till fluffy. I Add garam masala, garlic paste, cumin, onion and egg yolk to the lamb mince. I Continue kneading evenly and add egg white. I Make spade-shaped cutlets and shallow fry in olive oil in a non-stick pan. I Serve on playing card imitation with green salad and mint chutney.

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Reshmi kebab

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INGREDIENTS I Chicken minced 1 kg; I ginger paste I garlic paste 2 tbsp; I onion finely chopped 3-4; I sliced and fried onions 3-4; I red chilli powder I garam masala powder 1 1/2 tsp; I black pepper powder 2 tsp; I paste of poppy seeds 1 1/2 tsp; I coconut & almond paste 4-5 tbsp; I fresh cream 3-4 tbsp; I oil 1/2 cup; I coal for barbecue 1/2 cup; I ghee 1/4 cup for coating the kebabs.
METHOD I Marinate chicken mince with all ingredients. I Keep it for 4-5 hours after marinating for better results. I Next heat coal and shape marinated mince through wooden or iron rod called seekh. I Cover it very well and cook it on low flame of pre-heated coal. I When it becomes golden brown, coat ghee with a brush or spoon and remove from rods. I Delicious reshmi kebabs are ready to serve. It goes along well with fresh

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Beef kebab

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450g/1lb minced beef
4 tsp chickpea flour (also called gram flour or besan flour)
1 tbsp whole coriander seeds
2-3 bird’s eye chillies
¾ tsp salt, or to taste
¾ tsp whole cumin seeds
6 tbsp finely chopped, peeled onion
4 tbsp fresh coriander, coarsely chopped
6 cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters
vegetable or peanut oil
To serve
naan bread
sliced onion rings
a selection of chutneys
fresh coriander leaves
1. Place the beef in a bowl.
2. Put the chickpea flour in a small, cast-iron frying pan and set over a medium-high heat. Stir the flour around until it turns a very light golden-brown and emits a faintly roasted smell.
3. Remove the pan from the heat. Allow to cool for a few seconds, then add to the bowl with the beef.
4. Crush or grind the coriander seeds in a mortar and pestle or in a clean coffee grinder. Add to the bowl with the beef.
5. Finely chop the chillies and add to the bowl.
6. Add the salt, cumin, chopped coriander, onion and tomatoes. Mix well and form mixture into six patties about 1cm/½in thick.
7. Put the oil, enough to come to a depth of 3mm/¼in, in a large frying pan set over a medium-high heat.
8. When hot, put in as many patties as will fit easily in a single layer and cook for about two minutes on each side or until browned then turn the heat down and cook for another two minutes or until they’re cooked through. Repeat, as necessary, until all the kebabs are cooked.
9. Serve the kebabs hot, with naan bread, sliced onion rings, fresh coriander leaves and a selection of chutneys.

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Corn kebab

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The addition of rice flour makes these kebabs more crispy and they also absorb lesser oil when deep fried.
You can make these kebabs ahead of time, store them refrigerated and deep fry them just before serving.

Cooking Time : 5 mins.
Preparation Time : 5 mins.

Makes 7 kebabs.

1/2 cup white corn kernels
1/4 cup capsicum, finely chopped
2 green chillies, finely chopped
3 teaspoons rice flour (chawal ka atta)
salt to taste
Other ingredients
oil for deep frying
For serving
green chutney
1. Purée the corn in a blender, without using any water, to get a coarse paste.
2. Combine the corn, capsicum, green chillies, rice flour and salt and mix well.
3. Divide this mixture into 7 equal portions. Shape each portion into a round, press the rounds lightly to make flat kebabs.
4. Deep fry the kebabs in hot oil till they are golden brown.
5. Drain on absorbent paper.
6. Serve hot with green chutney.
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